Garnier micellar water is one of Garnier’s cosmetic products. This product is famous for its function which is able to remove makeup marks on the face, as well as dirt that sticks to it after a day of activities. This water-base cosmetic product with a mixture such as glycerin to SLS, is very effective for the double cleansing process and ensures that the face is thoroughly clean.

Garnier Micellar Water, a Facial Cleansing Product You Must Use

Garnier Micellar Water, Double Cleansing Product

Every facial skin care product, of course, has its own function. One of them is Garnier, which offers various micellar water variants to suit your skin condition and type. We certainly understand that the skin has its own type and sensitivity.

When you choose this cleaning product, be sure to know the characteristics of the skin. So that later the product can work properly and not cause various side effects. Such as rashes, bruises, to the appearance of pimples which will actually make your appearance disturb. This micellar water product from Garnier is available in several different color variants with different functions.

Able to Moisturize Facial Skin

After you apply Garnier micellar water all over your face, you will feel relaxed without worrying about the tightening effect like being pull. The content of various compounds in this product is enough to keep nourishing the skin so it doesn’t make it feel dry.

Removes Makeup Well

Like the function of micellar water, this garnier product is also very effective in removing make-up residue and dust that sticks to the skin. The process is fast, and the lift as a whole makes this one beauty product increasingly in demand. Acne is a skin problem that occurs due to clogged skin pores. This is caused by the rest of the make-up that is not removed completely. So that the remaining dust is not removed immediately.

Safe for use by all skin types

With various variants of different types of ingredients. This micellar water can be used for all skin types without fear of irritation or other health problems that will be caused.

Micellar Water Variant

As we all know, the color variants in this Garnier Micellar Water product have different functions. Specifications, so you can adjust it to your skin type. The first variant is the yellow colore Garnier Micellar Water, which has vitamin C in it. This variant of the product is effective in removing the remnants of makeup on the face, and works thoroughly. In fact, it can be use for even waterproof types of makeup. If you use it regularly, the skin will be brighter, look fresher, and prevent black spots from appearing on the face.

Switching to the pink variant, this type of micellar water is specifically for those of you who have sensitive skin types. So, stay safe when using it without worrying about side effects that can make your skin break out. Not only that, Garnier micellar water also has 2 other variants. Namely the Garnier Blue variant for acne-prone faces, and the last one is the rose water cleanse variant to make the face look more glowing.