The beauty brand owned by Selena Gomez enlivened social media with the emergence of Rare Beauty Lip Oil. After the success with liquid blush, this lip oil product is predicted to become a viral product.

This product is claimed to be non-sticky and can further hydrate the lips. This packaged formula from jojoba oil and sunflower seeds comes in eight colors.

Rare Beauty Lip Oil, Transformative Texture and Light on the Lips

Rare Beauty Lip Oil Has a Transformative Texture and is Light on the Lips

This lip oil is inspired by the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush series of cosmetic products. This product was presented because the founder wanted to make a lip product that can give the same color as Soft Pinch Liquid Blush when used on the lips.

According to Selena Gomez, lip oil products are the right product to use during the day because they have various benefits to nourish the lips. In addition, it also has pretty good resistance.

Comes In 8 Color Variants

Just like Soft Pinch Liquid Blush which has many shades, this Rare Beauty Lip Oil comes in attractive color variants and is suitable for any skin tone. There is colors Affection (muted berry), Joy (muted peach), Serenity (warm rose), Happy (cool pink), Hope (nude mauve), Delight (rose brown), Wonder (rose mauce), and also Honesty (nude brown).

A Unique and Comfortable Formula When Used

If lip oil usually has a more liquid texture, this product is different because it has a transformative texture. This texture is called a transformative texture because it looks like jelly and turns into an oil that feels light when applied to the lips.

Not only light, this lip oil will also hydrate your lips because it contains jojoba seed oil and antioxidant-rich sunflower seed oil. Interestingly, this lip oil is claimed to have a long-lasting formula and will not make your lips sticky.

Packaging Inspired by Liquid Blush On

The packaging of Rare Beauty Lip Oil is inspired by Liquid Blush On products. The packaging has a unique shape with a cylindrical tube whose color is quite transparent. In addition, there is also a doff accent at the bottom.

Turning to the cover, this product has a spherical shape with a gold color and looks glossy. The packaging is made in such a way as to make it easier for arthritis sufferers to open the product.

Gives a Fun and Happy Impression

Just like the name of the variant, lip oil products give a more pleasant impression. This product is also free of alcohol and perfume content. So, sensitive skin types can safely use the product.

The formula can make lips look shiny and the color can come out. Thanks to the content of jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil, the lip skin gets a hydrating effect. The durability itself can be up to more than 6 hours in use without eating and drinking.

Rare Beauty Lip Oil can make lips shiny, glossy, and more hydrated.