Already has branding, Purbasari Oil Control Matte Powder is a popular beauty product in almost all circles. Are you a lover of the matte look?

The rise of make-up products sold in the market makes these products also offer final results with a complex appearance. This also does not only apply to foreign or imported products. Because Indonesia itself has a very legendary local role but also has side effects after very powerful use.

The legendary brand is Purbasari. Previously, Purbasari had released her phenomenal matte lipstick. But this has not caused the local Purbasari brand to stop working.

Precisely causing Purbasari himself to continue to innovate by producing this powder for the people of Indonesia. Are you a user of this local brand Purbasari?

Purbasari Oil Control Matte Powder Looks Perfect at every Event

Review of Purbasari Oil Control Matte Powder

Basically, oil control matte powder from this local brand is a powder product that has the ability to control oil.

But it turns out that the powder is also not only formulated with that ability alone. But it also has the ability to moisturize. The initial introduction of this product parallels the Hydra series.

Apart from powders included in the other Hydra series, BB cream, there are also lipsticks and Two Way Cake powder.

After using this Purbasari Oil Control Matte Powder, your face will look very fresh. It even avoids dullness and is oil-free. As for the matte appearance of using this powder, it also looks natural, and shine-free.

Although it has benefits to help control oil. But after using this powder you don’t need to worry because this product also won’t cause a crust on the face.

The content of safflower seed oil contained in it functions to moisturize the skin and brighten the appearance of your skin. Another feature of this product is that it is equipped with a UV filter.

For those of you who are local brand lovers, of course, Purbasari needs to be proud. Because the benefits for the skin are very powerful and powerful. Make you appear confident when attending an event.

How to Use Purbasari Oil Control Matte Powder

How to use this powder from Purbasari? Its use is also almost the same as a powder in general. You only need to connect the pedals evenly to all parts of the face.

Use by sweeping the powder using the puff that is already available. So that the results are better and more dazzling, use a separate brush so that later the powder can be easily blended and the results are also more natural.

The powder produced by this local brand also has its own characteristics. Where its characteristics are reflected in its packaging.

Purbasari Oil Control Matte Powder has container packaging with a matte black color theme. Then in the packaging, there is a gold Purbasari logo. Made of sturdy plastic with a flip-top design. Very easy to open and take anywhere.