One of the famous beauty products in Indonesia is The Originote Hyalucera Moisturizer Gel. That product has been receiving positive reviews from customers and beauty bloggers. You need to know, that the Originote is one of the most sought-after and much-discussed products.

This product has a size of 50 G and comes in clear Jar packaging. Consumers can see the contents through the outside of the packaging. The 1 command contained in this product is that the contents are full 1 Jar.

This product is also formulated with hyaluronic acid and ceramide. These two formulas are claimed to be able to repair and maintain the skin barrier, lock hydration in the skin as well as maintain skin elasticity and help heal breakouts.

This product also contains Chlorerline. Is a combination of spirulina and chlorella. Useful for maintaining elasticity and can be an antioxidant for the skin and oil control.

The Originote Hyalucare Moisturizer Gel is Suitable for All Skin Types

Review The Originote Hyalucera Moisturizer Gel Viral Product

The advantage of this Originote product is that it is suitable for all skin types. Even sensitive skin though.

With its cellular texture, the product is easily applied to the skin. When applying these cells to the skin there may not be any scent. Unless you bring the moisturizer closer to your nose.

The aroma of this moisturizer is a hint of aroma like Balm. As for the absorption of the texture, when applied to the face it also absorbs quickly.

Even in just one minute, this one product can sink in without leaving the slightest sticky sensation. Not only will you be in an air-conditioned room, but even if you use this product every day, it won’t feel hot or sticky.

For those of you who have oily and acne-prone skin types. The use of current products will be very beneficial to keep the skin moist. It won’t even have negative effects like a breakout.

So, for those of you who haven’t tried this viral product, the Originote moisturizer gel. There’s nothing wrong with trying now to deal with skin problems that cause a lack of self-confidence.

How to Purchase Originote Hyalucera Moisturizer Gel

To get a moisturizer that has many benefits for all skin types. Of course, how to get it is also not difficult. This beauty product is sold in various marketplaces.

You can even give online or offline. Whether it’s Shopee or Lazada and the Tiktok shop, they already sell the moisturizer from the Originote. Thus those of you who want to try using this product can get it anywhere.

Oh yes, you can’t miss this beauty product from the Originote which is suitable for all walks of life. Even high school kids can try this product for skin care.

Regarding the price, it is pocket-friendly and popular. The proof is that the Originote Hyalucera Moisturizer Gel product is sold at a low price. You can still get a change of only IDR 50,000.