Wardah BB cream is a beauty product that is popular among women. Its main function, namely as a foundation, so it can help disguise uneven skin tone. Through the right application, your facial skin looks smoother and brighter.

Wardah BB Cream, Skin Looks Smoother and Luminous

Wardah BB Cream Review

To get perfect results, its use is not too complicated. Simply apply this BB cream evenly to the face. Starting from the forehead, cheeks, to the chin.

You can apply enough cream using your fingers. If you feel uncomfortable, you can use the help of a special foundation brush.

Wardah BB Cream consists of two choices that you can adjust according to your needs and desires. For more details, here is the full review.

Wardah Lightening BB Cream

In first place is Wardah Lightening Cream. You can find this product in a blue package.

Because of its small size, it fits perfectly into your hand. Thus, its application becomes easier and more comfortable.

Wardah Lightening BB Cream packaging is made of plastic. This product has lightweight, so you can take it anywhere without any hassles.

In addition, this type of product packaging is in the form of a tube which makes it easy for you to remove the cream with just one squeeze. That way, you can adjust the amount of BB cream that will be used on your face.

Wardah Lightening Cream contains several important formulas that can nourish the skin, so it doesn’t only make it beautiful. such as vitamin C, licorice, and vitamin B3 which act as a triple lightning system.

Not only brightening, but this content can also provide benefits such as inhibiting the process of melanin biosynthesis, thereby reducing the formation of black spots on the face. This BB cream is perfect for those of you who have sensitive skin.

Wardah Everyday BB Cream

Wardah Cream has turquoise green packaging. Not much different from Lightening BB Cream.

This BB cream product also has a packaging form in the form of a tube made of plastic and you can squeeze it to remove the cream.

This product has several unique formulas such as water break technology. This technology can release water droplets that can provide moisture, refresh and give a cold effect when you apply it to your face.

Not only that, but Wardah Everyday Cream can also hydrate, give a supple effect, and moisturize.

That was the review of Wardah BB Cream and its various products. Approximately, which product would you like to choose?